Yeah it probably wasn’t the most fitting,
but it was what a drum throne wants.

Was it just too far from what it was supposed to be,
or too soft a material?

The process wasn’t stopped.
And the chair kept falling.

I hate broken threads.

Good for nothing.
How traffic can be shallow…
how shallow can traffic be.

Asking themselves for the next scandal,
buying into the machinery of lies and devotion.

Judge a person by their acts,
not their colorfully printed pages.

I hate TMZ tours.

Bro, you used to abide by the rules of the road.
Now it’s like your blind spot is all.
Whole rear and sides.

It’s a matter of mass- like those women and their SUVs:
“Fuck the rest, I’ll be alive after the accident.”
Why don’t you care about other drivers?

I’ll tell you why:
Because you’re a total brosstard.

You can’t go to the bathroom now.
You can’t clean your windows.
Just keep your hand on the latch,
and keep hating those non-lockable fuel nozzles.

Not unlockable, yet non-lockable. Fuck this pump.

He wasn’t very smart to lock it like that…
but it’s sad that opportunistic pricks are everywhere-
without morals -just led by the next fix.
Then again the owner isn’t great
-when he doesn’t even care about clean after himself.

I hate bike thieves.
And thieves. And also that bike owner.

“Why would we put clear instructions when that would decrease the collected amount?” -said [1].

“I think our next measure should be reducing the yellow light’s time interval by 750ms!!” -[2] exclaimed, interrupting.

“Ok… about the parking signs -why can’t we just put multiple signs in different places that affect the same spot?” -[1] insisted.

“Thus newcomers will only look at one sign and screw up. That’s brilliant!” -[3] happily concluded.
And then, tourists came.

Damn. I thought we had it this time.
I hate Montreal’s street parking.

It’s only been four hours- but I think you should keep your child on a leash.
I know you’ve learnt to filter out all his annoying screams and spoiled behaviour.
And I enjoy your skills at ignoring him. It’s quite impressive.

But maybe you shouldn’t have brought that self-entitled monster up-
as it seems not to have the potential of being social.
Instead of just being happy that you managed to keep part of your genetic material floating around
you should care about his future a little bit and try to control him.
Damn, I wish it had been the fictional kid of Blah airlines instead.

I really couldn’t stand the most annoying child in the train.
And I blame the parents.

I know it was a joke
but in the land of dreams, I forgot.
And then I woke up,
and my anger woke with me.
It’s no good waking up to a Justin Bieber poster.

It’s not even of good quality-
just some dead animal fibers.
Randomly put in a morally dubious act
that surprisingly ends up selling.

Why do they use it?
-when it doesn’t assure quality
but ensures that animals suffered?
Why does this shit still sell?

While not necessarily against leather…
I hate the overuse of that crappy and fake
“Genuine Leather” denomination