I know you weren’t expecting
for me to come this way.
But your controlling manias
are driving me astray.

You: a non-rocking lone logging Co.
Me: someone who lost the battle Mt.

What can I say.
Fuck you and fuck your roadblocks.

Yes, it was I who accidentally shorted it.
I won’t blame China this time.

But I never expected such an explosive reaction just 2 minutes after waking up.
I ended up in the shower trying to run away from the crazy reactions.

Smoke everywhere. Don’t breathe.
So much chaos, so much heat for such a small thing.

Lesson learnt.
I hate exploding batteries.

Heading towards a meeting, the 101 is a nightmare again.
I hate the freaking traffic. But this case is really, really bad.

Oh, this time wasn’t a pointless reason nor an accident.
It was the hundredth anniversary of the Armenian holocaust.
Anniversary sounds weird for such a massacre.

I hate that I couldn’t go past the Armenian genocide (parade).

I was dragged.
I don’t even want to be here.
I was lied to.

She said 1.20. It’s 1.15.
What a crappy exchange rate.
And everything’s made in… guess.

I can’t see the point of buying gifts
made thousands of miles away
just with a stamped logo of Niagara.

What are you taking?
What do those items really have to do with that place?
What’s their real value?

I hate that kind of gift shops.

He wasn’t very smart to lock it like that…
but it’s sad that opportunistic pricks are everywhere-
without morals -just led by the next fix.
Then again the owner isn’t great
-when he doesn’t even care about clean after himself.

I hate bike thieves.
And thieves. And also that bike owner.

“Why would we put clear instructions when that would decrease the collected amount?” -said [1].

“I think our next measure should be reducing the yellow light’s time interval by 750ms!!” -[2] exclaimed, interrupting.

“Ok… about the parking signs -why can’t we just put multiple signs in different places that affect the same spot?” -[1] insisted.

“Thus newcomers will only look at one sign and screw up. That’s brilliant!” -[3] happily concluded.
And then, tourists came.

Damn. I thought we had it this time.
I hate Montreal’s street parking.

I know it was a joke
but in the land of dreams, I forgot.
And then I woke up,
and my anger woke with me.
It’s no good waking up to a Justin Bieber poster.

I don’t remember when Amazon started fucking up shipping times.
And it’s not only about them using the crappy ONTRAC.
I do know that they always mistreated the merchants,
but couldn’t see how that was going to permeate into customers.
I do know that the Kindle Fire sucks, software wise…
just being another product that it’s not really owned by the user.

When companies grow too big, they become really bad.
(that’s what the ‘too’ is about)
I honestly think that the threshold in Amazon was quite high:
They were nice for a long time. Not as much as Google though.
(which seems to be the company that grew the most before starting to become crap)

Bezos’ interface-it-all policy couldn’t save what is was meant to happen.

Anyway, now it’s what it is.
No matter how many transport drones they put in the sky,
no matter how many crappy tablets they sell and lock tight,
no matter how much the stock rises… that company will be crap.
Customer-centric crap maybe?

If you don’t see that now… you will, eventually.
Or maybe not.


Fuck you Amazon.

Jesus this, Jesus that.
Muhammad this, Muhammad that.
Hubbard this, Hubbard that.
And it goes on and on.

From their position of moral self-righteousness,
they want their Master to guide you.
But I can see more delusion than anything else
-sometimes reaching mental illness.

“I heard him talking to me, and the light entered the room.
I thought I was crazy. He cured my asthma and cancer.”

“I am superior because I am aware of Him. And He loves you.”
How superior? Religiosity and intelligence.
Not that being an atheist implies intelligence though.
Logical fallacies based on distributions…

And anyway, intelligence should bend to morality.
But I deeply know that they aren’t morally superior either.
There’s not much to wonder about
the lack of correlation between religiosity and empathy.

I like the historical value of it.
And I like that they kept doing it
where the society that has other trends.
But it’s just too ridiculous.

It’s variety through brainwashing and lack of reason.
It’s variety that comes from people
stuck in the ignorance spread in the past.

And if you top it up with their unwanted proselytism,
I can conclude that my hate today goes to
the world-wide commonness of religious zealots.

There’s a guy in the neighborhood.
And what a ‘gangsta’ he is.
Oh… the hate. Mixed with pity.
He installed that fucking sound when he locks or unlocks the car.
Volume 11.
And now all the neighborhood knows when he’s around.
I tried to use that unpredictable event as a trigger.
Not for anger- but as a call to do positive stuff.
Exercise- for example.
But it’s draining me.
I really don’t like the sounds of the car of the guy who wants to be a gangsta.