It’s not the first one, and it won’t be the last…
No matter how authentic, no matter how genuine.
They will eventually break and spoil everything.
Crappy atomizers!

It’s not even of good quality-
just some dead animal fibers.
Randomly put in a morally dubious act
that surprisingly ends up selling.

Why do they use it?
-when it doesn’t assure quality
but ensures that animals suffered?
Why does this shit still sell?

While not necessarily against leather…
I hate the overuse of that crappy and fake
“Genuine Leather” denomination

What would give flavour to rice from now on?
I can’t just go back to salt and garlic!
Like I hadn’t gotten that GSM message from MSG:
“Life is richer. Rice is a filler. -Glutamate”
Running out of ochazuke seasoning can be an egregious event.

Jesus this, Jesus that.
Muhammad this, Muhammad that.
Hubbard this, Hubbard that.
And it goes on and on.

From their position of moral self-righteousness,
they want their Master to guide you.
But I can see more delusion than anything else
-sometimes reaching mental illness.

“I heard him talking to me, and the light entered the room.
I thought I was crazy. He cured my asthma and cancer.”

“I am superior because I am aware of Him. And He loves you.”
How superior? Religiosity and intelligence.
Not that being an atheist implies intelligence though.
Logical fallacies based on distributions…

And anyway, intelligence should bend to morality.
But I deeply know that they aren’t morally superior either.
There’s not much to wonder about
the lack of correlation between religiosity and empathy.

I like the historical value of it.
And I like that they kept doing it
where the society that has other trends.
But it’s just too ridiculous.

It’s variety through brainwashing and lack of reason.
It’s variety that comes from people
stuck in the ignorance spread in the past.

And if you top it up with their unwanted proselytism,
I can conclude that my hate today goes to
the world-wide commonness of religious zealots.

Streams of consciousness were led to oblivion,
and everything went down the sink-
hour after hour, day after day.
It would have been another flood
but there was no hole cover.
Nor need to forget.
Not all the water can be contained.
Nor all the memories should.
Oh, I hate those cataracts of forgetfulness.

You didn’t set the house on fire.
Maybe next time!
How can you be mad with all these burning smile faces?
Maybe you’d prefer a burnt house to the incoming gas bill.
This time it’s just a spoiled pan.
Next time? They won’t be smiling anymore.
Forgetting to turn the stove off should instill anger into you.

Hey… you might want to think that that’s just a reset button.
You might prefer to think that the eyes of the portrait in your hall don’t move.
Yeah, I am watching you.
Like in that crappy Sharon Stone movie, Sliver.
And it’s not only me. It’s everyone.
The government, the NSA, aliens- and the prisoner they sent to Earth: bigfoot.
Okay… maybe only half of them.
But you should beware of the freaking hidden cameras!
(Specially when they are connected to a computer with complex visual computing algorithms)

How did you get inside?
Obviously the window nets disappoint me again.
Oh well…
Don’t know what your last name is
-but whether it is Chironomidae or Tipulidae,
it’s time for your allethrin…
you… non-sucker flying thing.
Sorry, I won’t mourn you.