I know you weren’t expecting
for me to come this way.
But your controlling manias
are driving me astray.

You: a non-rocking lone logging Co.
Me: someone who lost the battle Mt.

What can I say.
Fuck you and fuck your roadblocks.

I mildly hate Delta airlines.

They are pushing it. It would be great if they spent less time trying to manipulate public perception in a lame way (i.e. their history of pathetic “shadow marketing” in Reddit) and more in fixing their crappy service.

I mildly hate Delta airlines. Definitely not enough to be awarded the year’s prize.

But still- better than Ryanair…


Good for nothing.
How traffic can be shallow…
how shallow can traffic be.

Asking themselves for the next scandal,
buying into the machinery of lies and devotion.

Judge a person by their acts,
not their colorfully printed pages.

I hate TMZ tours.

I was dragged.
I don’t even want to be here.
I was lied to.

She said 1.20. It’s 1.15.
What a crappy exchange rate.
And everything’s made in… guess.

I can’t see the point of buying gifts
made thousands of miles away
just with a stamped logo of Niagara.

What are you taking?
What do those items really have to do with that place?
What’s their real value?

I hate that kind of gift shops.

I don’t remember when Amazon started fucking up shipping times.
And it’s not only about them using the crappy ONTRAC.
I do know that they always mistreated the merchants,
but couldn’t see how that was going to permeate into customers.
I do know that the Kindle Fire sucks, software wise…
just being another product that it’s not really owned by the user.

When companies grow too big, they become really bad.
(that’s what the ‘too’ is about)
I honestly think that the threshold in Amazon was quite high:
They were nice for a long time. Not as much as Google though.
(which seems to be the company that grew the most before starting to become crap)

Bezos’ interface-it-all policy couldn’t save what is was meant to happen.

Anyway, now it’s what it is.
No matter how many transport drones they put in the sky,
no matter how many crappy tablets they sell and lock tight,
no matter how much the stock rises… that company will be crap.
Customer-centric crap maybe?

If you don’t see that now… you will, eventually.
Or maybe not.


Fuck you Amazon.

Anger’s award of the month.

How many hours does it take to Tier 3?
More than 5. But it wasn’t just a day lost. Day after day, the anger and hate towards TWC that I accumulated throughout the last two months may be getting to heart-attack levels.
I hate, hate, hate, hate that company. Damn, I wish I had a viable alternative. We’ll have to wait for Google Fiber.
I hope that Time Warner Cable goes bankrupt. I hope them (along with Comcast) disappear from Earth and they never return.
The funny thing is that I don’t even feel that the reasons for that hate have to be enumerated. Almost everybody that had to deal with the company will have one or other complain.

February 2015: Time Warner Cable.