Oh no! Why have you used that kind of adhesive?
Is it that is cheaper or that you’re reckless?
A foundation will be created.
Its mission: to avoid the suffering of millions
of people that face on a daily basis the endeavour
of removing stickers.
Oh, I hate sticker residue.

I am lighter because you’ve been dehydrating me.
B12 didn’t come to the rescue -not this time.
Fortunately these things are less common now,
even though I wish I chose properly when to fall.
Life should be about falling with others.
I hate hangovers.

We knew that you were here for the profit.
However you’ve always been the wolf in sheep’s clothing-
why are you trying to imply that you’re different than the wolf-mart?
Oh- because people buy it and thus buy from -you.
You’ll keep using, reusing and recycling human resources,
and swallowing them in a sea of unfairness.
I hate some corporate practices.

I kept them to test my memory,
to experiment on monkeys
-to give them to random people
and pretend that have a meaning.
However their meaning was lost in Memory Ln.
That Memory Ln! Just by the parking lot.
It was a fun ride yet I hate cards with numbers!

Why would anybody dare?
I wouldn’t pay to do it -not a dime.
Though it’s pretty shinny -maybe a penny!
Void and dull- not a sound but a chink
Yet the chicken is always there-
well, it gets on my nerves
when the two sink bowls are like an empty hull.

Why should anybody care?
They are just there, growing slime.
Demotivating… -they are too many!
Oh… but it’s just a cluttered sink
Yet the chicken is always there-
and the absurd anger it deserves
will be for when the two sink bowls are full.

Where do you come from?
Why are you so small?
I can always pull more.
Wait. You aren’t mine -you’ve never been.
I won’t try to get inside you.
What are you? Get out of here!
I hate socks that don’t fit.
(I’ll try to stop putting foot pics sometime)

They weren’t mine -at least I didn’t buy them.
And that angers me more.
Self-oriented anger: it’s back.
It may seem that you’ll get tetanus just by looking at them
but I refuse to think that they are beyond recovery.
There’s always hope!!!
Tell me that vinegar will do!!
Oh, I hate forgetting to care about them…
I hate letting brushes rot
(I’ll fight for their recovery.)

I know your siblings leave a foul smell in my fingers too.
And I know that you’re still valuable despite your ugliness.
But I can’t bear your dirt anymore. I can’t keep you.
No easy way to clean you up… you’re stained irreversibly.
So I’ll have to use you -to get rid of you.
At 7/11 -they will love you there.
I hate dirty coins! ugggh!

She couldn’t ever say NO!
MILK! -she said instead.
And the milk dried around her mouth,
and those dried pieces always fell in the coffee cup.
Damn, I hate dried milk around the plastic bottle’s mouth!!