Oh no!

We are going to die! Like that time we flew Delta!
Why do I have digital eyes?

I surely dislike my shutter rolling shutter. Effect. RSE.

Yes, it was I who accidentally shorted it.
I won’t blame China this time.

But I never expected such an explosive reaction just 2 minutes after waking up.
I ended up in the shower trying to run away from the crazy reactions.

Smoke everywhere. Don’t breathe.
So much chaos, so much heat for such a small thing.

Lesson learnt.
I hate exploding batteries.

They were beautiful… in a way.
But they reacted like I was dead.

Meaning, they didn’t react at all.
What was that?

I didn’t think that extraordinary longevity could be confused with aloofness.
But there they were…
And they weren’t pretty.

I hate those dreams of blue turtles.
The toad was alright.

I shouldn’t have opened that door.
Those weren’t ever my subconscious fears.

I thought I could adapt to anything new,
that my strenght was to be able to endure any possible change.
But in the end nobody is a real hero.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t know my fears…
I just don’t want to have new fears,
events and shapes that I never thought I could fear.

I hate fearing what it is on the other side.
I hate what it is on the other side.

Yeah it probably wasn’t the most fitting,
but it was what a drum throne wants.

Was it just too far from what it was supposed to be,
or too soft a material?

The process wasn’t stopped.
And the chair kept falling.

I hate broken threads.

Good for nothing.
How traffic can be shallow…
how shallow can traffic be.

Asking themselves for the next scandal,
buying into the machinery of lies and devotion.

Judge a person by their acts,
not their colorfully printed pages.

I hate TMZ tours.

Heading towards a meeting, the 101 is a nightmare again.
I hate the freaking traffic. But this case is really, really bad.

Oh, this time wasn’t a pointless reason nor an accident.
It was the hundredth anniversary of the Armenian holocaust.
Anniversary sounds weird for such a massacre.

I hate that I couldn’t go past the Armenian genocide (parade).

I was dragged.
I don’t even want to be here.
I was lied to.

She said 1.20. It’s 1.15.
What a crappy exchange rate.
And everything’s made in… guess.

I can’t see the point of buying gifts
made thousands of miles away
just with a stamped logo of Niagara.

What are you taking?
What do those items really have to do with that place?
What’s their real value?

I hate that kind of gift shops.

I know god gave you a jetpack,
but there’s no reason to do that over me.

We call it number two- but birds have just one.

I am glad that you ended up being turned into stone,
but are those peebles getting out of your butt now?

I hate gliding angels.