Sometimes you tell stuff to have fun.
Sometimes you know the consequences but don’t care.
Other times the snowball has the size of the flag of Belize.

Five years is a long time… but I didn’t mean to tell y’all,
that I’m bummed to discover that I am not from Belize.

Cinco de Mayo in the time vortex
and you have eaten all those croutons?
But, it was a time to celebrate -with tacos and burritos!
Yet you eat croutons.
Well, in California it isn’t difficult to get some good tacos.
Any day. Didn’t have to be today.
¡Feliz cinco de Mayo!
I hate overating salchichón with croutons.

$2.50 seems expensive for what that was.
No real cheese, just something made from corn starch.
Hepatitic color, pathetic taste.
And yet they are able to label it “Parmesan” and get away with it.
I hate bad parmesan. If that’s how they want to call it.
Wood pulp.


What a better place can be imagined?
The reverberation of the saw blades,
the intoxicating palate of wet metal…
We’ll have no other option but to endure it.
Because it’s time again,
to work metal in the bathroom.
Songs available for purchase in iTunes.


Woke up,
and six empty months had passed.
Half a year lying in that corn field.

Dust everywhere, and I found a cache of posts.
Screw it, I’ll reuse them.

If anything, it will make me keep track of the close past.
And I don’t know anything about Dr. Who…
But I don’t like having to resort to time vortices.


I shouldn’t have opened that door.
Those weren’t ever my subconscious fears.

I thought I could adapt to anything new,
that my strenght was to be able to endure any possible change.
But in the end nobody is a real hero.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t know my fears…
I just don’t want to have new fears,
events and shapes that I never thought I could fear.

I hate fearing what it is on the other side.
I hate what it is on the other side.

I was dragged.
I don’t even want to be here.
I was lied to.

She said 1.20. It’s 1.15.
What a crappy exchange rate.
And everything’s made in… guess.

I can’t see the point of buying gifts
made thousands of miles away
just with a stamped logo of Niagara.

What are you taking?
What do those items really have to do with that place?
What’s their real value?

I hate that kind of gift shops.