Stop it!
The fly wants to move it through the screens.
Annoyingly, the cursor became another fly.
As if it wasn’t enough…
The fly had an avatar in the form of a pointer.
I hate flies trying to seize control of my mouse.

Why do you attack me if you’re not going to win?
And even if you win, you’ll lose. We’d both lose.
While you’re entertaining my leucocytes,
you’re making me deal with a mild but constant pain.
Here- take some meds.
You’ve rendered me so weak that I can’t even hate…
Let’s try though: I’m sick of non fatal illnesses.

Greasy fingers, chat pops up.
Take your time, you shouldn’t be here.
One hand isn’t that great.
You’re similar to what you criticize:
“kids that can’t forget about their smartphones”.
You hate food and keyboards.
Combined. We hate fast food and fast keyboards.

You knew it wasn’t going to last.
Removing the logo made you forget that.
It wasn’t long before the zipper broke.
And then? You were already in love.
You kept it. But it was doomed.
A slow death -with daily hospital visits.
Now you’re left with just a corpse… green.
These damned Chinese wallets!