There’s a guy in the neighborhood.
And what a ‘gangsta’ he is.
Oh… the hate. Mixed with pity.
He installed that fucking sound when he locks or unlocks the car.
Volume 11.
And now all the neighborhood knows when he’s around.
I tried to use that unpredictable event as a trigger.
Not for anger- but as a call to do positive stuff.
Exercise- for example.
But it’s draining me.
I really don’t like the sounds of the car of the guy who wants to be a gangsta.

Remember when the sound of it hitting the tub used to startle you in the middle of the night?
Oh, those were the times. So nostalgic…
Every now and then it happens again. But it’s part of life now.
It rarely even tickles the hypothalamus.
Because the hatred for crappy suction pads should remain immeasurable.

Heads without torsos hovering along the street,
drinking from empty pint glasses,
mowing grassless lawns.
Clover leaves have left -and so has your money.
I didn’t think I was colourblind
Why my mind can’t see green anymore?
It’s all so transparent now…
I hate green screens on St Patrick’s Day!

Dirty mouth. Last Hefe.
Like every third night.
Everything seemed right.
No mouth should break when you open it.
But this time it did.
Bought it the same day…
I wonder if that mold looking ring is healthy.
Worth going back? Nah… But damn them!
And damn their broken dirty mouths!

Who cares about infinitesimals?
Mi. Mimimi.
When you really want something, you want it all.
So don’t offer me pie if we can’t have it all.
Why can’t we have it all?
I know we need support.
Because we hate that we can’t have the whole pi.

I don’t know.
I am guessing whoever is responsible works at Google.
I don’t really know and I won’t check it. Not today.
I bet (s)he enjoys the job. It’s a very creative position.
I have no idea.
But I will tell you, whoever was involved is a monster.
The level of annoyance and pain these generate is…
And that can’t be a coincidence.
All of them were created to annoy.
And I don’t see the point. To wake up angry?
To include something that will be deleted?
And they aren’t even creative or decent from a musical standpoint!
Glad that these can be changed…
I even miss LG’s “Good morning”.
I really hate Android’s default ringtones.

Stop it!
The fly wants to move it through the screens.
Annoyingly, the cursor became another fly.
As if it wasn’t enough…
The fly had an avatar in the form of a pointer.
I hate flies trying to seize control of my mouse.