Who’s that human? He seems distressed.
He actually has been writhing for hours.

But nobody in town seems to care.
In the end, it’s his fault.

He was lured by a false promise
of political conversations and cigars.

But the statue had ulterior motives…
and so, his days ended in Montreal.

I stayed -both spectating and loathing
mind controlling statues.

There’s a study that says that it takes a while.
Yes- the mercury takes days to become airborne,
and you’ll be better off cleaning the broken bulb asap.

Such findings when a bulb is broken miles away
don’t put your mind at ease. Just ventilate.
It’s not a big deal, you’ll have it waiting.

It will be fun with all those heavy metals and such.
There’s no reason to hate the fact
that a broken CFL will be the only thing waiting for your return.

It’s not the first one, and it won’t be the last…
No matter how authentic, no matter how genuine.
They will eventually break and spoil everything.
Crappy atomizers!

A big one killed our brother
-Heimlich wasn’t there for him.
The sky is blue and
they are in our markets,
they are in our shirts,
they are in our ovens,
they are everywhere!
We- we hate crumbs!

Don’t try to remove them,
don’t try to go through them-
Just fix the problem or else
they will be there for you
bouldering in a wall of teeth;
avoiding dissolution,
releasing caffeine,
screwing the experience up.
Grounds in the coffee cup.

Oh no! Why have you used that kind of adhesive?
Is it that is cheaper or that you’re reckless?
A foundation will be created.
Its mission: to avoid the suffering of millions
of people that face on a daily basis the endeavour
of removing stickers.
Oh, I hate sticker residue.

I am lighter because you’ve been dehydrating me.
B12 didn’t come to the rescue -not this time.
Fortunately these things are less common now,
even though I wish I chose properly when to fall.
Life should be about falling with others.
I hate hangovers.

We knew that you were here for the profit.
However you’ve always been the wolf in sheep’s clothing-
why are you trying to imply that you’re different than the wolf-mart?
Oh- because people buy it and thus buy from -you.
You’ll keep using, reusing and recycling human resources,
and swallowing them in a sea of unfairness.
I hate some corporate practices.

I kept them to test my memory,
to experiment on monkeys
-to give them to random people
and pretend that have a meaning.
However their meaning was lost in Memory Ln.
That Memory Ln! Just by the parking lot.
It was a fun ride yet I hate cards with numbers!

Why would anybody dare?
I wouldn’t pay to do it -not a dime.
Though it’s pretty shinny -maybe a penny!
Void and dull- not a sound but a chink
Yet the chicken is always there-
well, it gets on my nerves
when the two sink bowls are like an empty hull.